Why does my chest hurt when I sit down?

Answer Sounds like you just pulled something, but you never know. You might want to get it checked out when you can.

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Why does the middle of my chest hurt when I do chest exercises?

I had this last night actually, I believe Its because you may have over worked yourself. Just sit down, drink some water and relax. It will go away. If you don't exercise often and you're body isn'... Read More »

Why does my chest hurt?

Hi!Firstly, I'm sorry to hear about your father. I hope you are coping okay and would encourage you to talk to your mum or siblings or close friends when you do feel sad or anxious about things.To ... Read More »

Why does my chest hurt if I am really sad?

your whole body feels the stress-not just your mind. stress harbors you body from circulating oxygen through out your system as well as natural endorphins to help cope. when your stress level is up... Read More »

I'm 23 years old, why does my chest hurt?

I wonder If It a mind problem,sometimes our minds tell us that thing is happening to us and It's not soDiscover additional info and products from my blog regarding My Head Hurts..