Why does my cat sneeze a lot?

Answer Sneezing is caused by the irritation of a cat's nasal passageways. There are a variety of reasons cats sneeze. Some reasons are more serious than others and present a cause for concern.Identificati... Read More »

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When you sneeze, do you sneeze once, twice or three times?

You really should have been an efficiency expert APG! Directing word traffic on your sneezes is cool. I personally am a 2 sneeze kind of guy, always seem to come in pairs. (Come in pairs doesn't so... Read More »

Why does a cat sneeze?

Prolonged episodes of sneezing in felines can be caused by a variety of conditions. It is important for cat owners to know and understand the causes of feline sneezing, some of which can be serious... Read More »

Why Does a Cat Sneeze Blood?

Just like humans, cats sneeze--although they never wipe their noses after. Cats usually sneeze once or twice with little nasal discharge. If cat sneezes often and the sneezing is accompanied by blo... Read More »

Why does my cat sneeze all the time?

All cats sneeze occasionally, but a cat who sneezes all the time could have an underlying medical condition. Watch your cat closely to determine if the sneezing is a sign that something is wrong.Fr... Read More »