Why does my cat pull his hair out?

Answer Keeping an eye on your cat's coat is an easy way to monitor his health. If your cat's coat looks dull or if he has bald patches because he is pulling his hair out, that is a signal that something c... Read More »

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Could i pull off red hair ?

Yeah, go for it. I think it will look really good!

Why would one dog pull out another dog's hair?

Though a reasonably normal occurrence in canine behavior, dogs will pull, bite, gnaw, or rip its own hairs out by the pawful. This tendency extends to dogs' pulling out another dog's hair as well.... Read More »

How to Pull Your Hair Into a Big Bun?

Hair buns are a classic style that is appropriate for occasions both casual and formal. Smaller hair buns are appropriate if you are trying to achieve a more conservative look. If you want a style ... Read More »

What is the disease where you pull out your hair?

Trichotillomania is a condition that compels people to pull out their own hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair. According to, genetic mutations and neurochemical abnormalities are... Read More »