Why does my cat not use the litter box?

Answer Your cat instinctively knows how to use the litter box, but several factors can cause her to look for other places to do her business. This can be disgusting and frustrating, but many litter box p... Read More »

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What kind of cat litter can you use as a rabbit litter substitute?

On One Hand: Organic and Natural Cat LittersThe best cat litters to use for your rabbits are all natural or organic litters, such as those made from paper, citrus or alfalfa. Avoid litters made fro... Read More »

How to Get Your Cat to Use the Litter Box?

Most cats quickly learn how to use the litter box. Kittens who watch their mothers may pick up on the habit. If your kitten does not use the litter box, train them. Cats may have accidents if their... Read More »

Why does my cat lie in his litter box?

Seeing a cat lie or sleep in its litter box is often misinterpreted by pet owners. Like all feline behaviors, spending too much time in the litter box happens for a few specific reasons.Comfort and... Read More »

Why won't my cat go in the litter box?

Cats have many different reasons for ignoring their litter boxes, ranging from minor personal taste issues to serious health problems. Finding the reason behind your cat's behavior is the first st... Read More »