Why does my car shake when driving?

Answer A shaking or shimmying car is usually in need of immediate maintenance. Shaking usually indicates a more serious problem, but may cause issues in and of itself.Basic ProblemMost shaking is related ... Read More »

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Why Does the Car Shake While Driving?

As cars age, the components on it can suffer from a multitude of ailments. Suspension bushings can become cracked and dried out, wheels can become bent and tires can be worn. This happens from norm... Read More »

Why does my canon t3i turn off when i shake it?

What possessed you to shake your camera?In my forty years as a pro, I have never had the urgeAll you can do is contact Canon and ask them. 800.OK-CANON

Why does my car shake when I slow down?

A car that shakes during braking is symptomatic of damaged brake rotors. A warped or grooved brake rotor will result in uneven brake grab and can cause damage to the brake system and trouble stoppi... Read More »

Why does a car shake when applying the brakes?

A car that shakes when the brakes are applied is an indication that the front brake rotors have become warped or grooved. The damaged rotors cause the brakes to grab unevenly, resulting in shaking,... Read More »