Why does my car backfire through the exhaust?

Answer Exhaust-related car backfires can indicate a serious car problem, ranging from engine timing issues to ignition problems, and require prompt attention before they damage components.Types of Backfir... Read More »

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Causes of Exhaust Backfire?

If your car is backfiring it is most likely due to problems with the fuel-to-oxygen ratio in your vehicle. If there is too much oxygen and too little fuel, or too little oxygen and too much fuel b... Read More »

Why Would My Lawn Mower Backfire & the Exhaust Pipe Get Red Hot?

Backfires and overheating can have severe effects on the engine, and should be corrected at the onset. Overheating could ruin vital engine components and lead to costly repairs. Once the symptom be... Read More »

Car Backfire Causes?

When a car backfires, it means that something has stopped working properly in the emission system in the engine. There are a number of things that can cause the improper fuel/air mixture which leav... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Backfire in an Audi?

Because of advances in engine design in the past 20 years, cars do not backfire nearly as often as they once did. If your Audi is backfiring, this could be a sign of several different problems with... Read More »