Why does my capture card do this Can i fix it?

Answer If you are in North America, use NTSCIf you are in Europe or Asia, use PAL.If you are in the US and use PAL, you will have video problems because the frame rates are different between the two. This... Read More »

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What is a capture card?

A capture card is a device that allows computers to read signals from analog devices. It can be used as a means to record something from a television or other device onto a computer hard drive.Type... Read More »

What is a tv capture card?

TV capture cards, also called TV tuner cards or TV recording cards, started showing up around 2000. The cards make it relatively simple to record television directly to a computer's hard drive.Hist... Read More »

How to Capture Video From a TV Card?

You can record any video source with S-Video and RCA outputs by connecting the audio and video outputs to a video capture card. The capture card converts analog audio and video into digital signals... Read More »

How to Connect a Capture Card to a TV?

Video capture cards let you watch any video signal on your computer. Some cards come with a remote control for adjusting the volume and changing channels. You can install a capture card inside your... Read More »