Why does my camera want me to set the date/time every time I turn it on?

Answer Call Canon and they will help you.800.OK-CANON

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I want an excel file to open every time I turn my computer on?

You should leave the MS-Excel file (or workbook) wherever you currently have it saved to. What you need is to right-click the file and choose the option to "Create Shortcut". You can then cut-and... Read More »

Why does my heater(furnace) turn on and off every time I turn it on?

Your furnace is short cycling. Possible problems Block air filter bad limits faulty pressure switch It may also be the control board I doubt its the gas valve as if it fires and stays running its p... Read More »

Why does my webcam turn itself off every time i try to record?

Every time I turn off my pc and turn it back on later a 2 black screens pops up...?

Did You Recently Add hardware to your computer ? If so it is conflickting with winodws and that will Prompt That Boot up Screen this screen is also if your Pc resarted by it's self Or not shut do... Read More »