Why does my camera take red pictures?

Answer Go into your menus, reset your cameras default settings, REMOVE your SD or CF card thats is inserted first. Now make sure your camera is set to auto white balance. Now try a different memory card ... Read More »

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Does the canon pink new camera take good pictures ?

It is not the colour of the camera that will tell us what the potential of the camera is to make good pictures, but the model number.Tell us which one you are interested in purchasing and we will b... Read More »

Why does my iPhone 4 front camera take pixelated pictures and zooms in?

That "zooming" is actually just focusing. The camera is trying to find you. Why? You are trying to take a picture in the dark. How do I know? The picture that came out is pixelated. How to make the... Read More »

I sometimes take pictures holding the camera side-ways. How do you get pictures to auto-rotate with the Nikon s4100?

The best advice is to take it to a reputable camera repair shop. It may be a small problem such as sand or dust sticking the lens, but then if you try to fix it yourself you could break the camera ... Read More »

Can a cheap camera take quality pictures as well as an expensive camera with 35mm film?

On One Hand: 35mm film cameras set the professional standardWhen people imagine a professional 35mm camera, they usually envision a single lens reflex (SLR) camera. A SLR camera offers benefits tha... Read More »