Why does my camera take blurry pics?

Answer Is it an autofocus camera? If not, you have to focus it.If it is autofocus, is the autofocus turned on?If your shutter speed is too low, this could also be causing your pictures to blur. Increase y... Read More »

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Why does my digital camera take blurry photos?

You cannot "hold" a camera perfectly still.When you are shooting in low light and the shutter speed is slower than about 1/125th of a second, even if you could hold the camera as steady as it would... Read More »

Does the Flip video camera take pics?

Yess, Flip video cameras are the besttt :)

Why does your 2.1 mp Olympus camera take sharper pics than your 7 mp Canon camera?

It's extremely unlikely that this is true. Having used both cameras, the Canon is FAR AND AWAY a better camera. However, megapixels have little to nothing to do with sharpness. Most likely, what ... Read More »

How can i take a non blurry picture on my kodak digital camera?

Two obvious things spring to mind.First, increase the ISO setting. I don't know what it's currently on but put it up to 800 or even 1600 and that will get more light into the camera.Then, use flash... Read More »