Why does my camera have worse quality on the laptop?

Answer It could be the video converter software or your camera settings could be set to save the video file as a low video quality to save memory space.

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Does ipad2 have good quality of camera?

I really have no idea find another place to find out this information.

Does a 1.3mp camera have good quality pictures?

It is a trick question because most of people believes that more Mega pixels better the image but it is not exactly true becasue if you have a 20M Pixel camera with bad lens and bad sensor you will... Read More »

Would a 3.1 mega -pixel camera have superior or inferior picture quality as compared to a 4.9 megapixel camera?

All other things being equal, the minimum number of megapixels required is 4, and that will give good postcard-sized snapshots. Anything less is inferior.

Does a Canon film camera take as good quality picture as a digital camera?

Saints enjoy the blessings of canonization. ( comes from Canon Law and has nothing to do with firearms). some departed souls , not of Saintly merit, yet, are referred to as Blessed or Beata, this i... Read More »