Why does my cam not work properly since I downloaded the Messenger 9?

Answer HI Kiddo,,, never download anything new/just out..full of bugs that they need to work out .. i suggest you go back to what you had and forget 9 .... my thoughts anyways .. good luck.

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Installer won't work since I downloaded +130 sources on iPod touch?

well your gonna have to restore your ipod just connect it to your computer go on itunes and click restore on your ipods tab the i suggest using ziphone to jailbreak it its and also i th... Read More »

Does Windows Live Messenger work with AOL Messenger?

Windows Live Messenger is not designed to connect to the AOL instant messaging protocol. In 2006, Microsoft added support for connecting Yahoo! instant messaging to Windows Live Messenger, but no o... Read More »

Ever since I downloaded Limewire, my computer is slow?

not nessesarely just make sure u delete your downloads after you have them on ur ipod or whatever to save computer space.

Why can't I install Yahoo Messenger once it is downloaded?

aaaaarrrrr! Blast and Avast thar Matey!! what be wrong with me Name here??? :O