Why does my cable work properly with one TV, but not another?

Answer Cable carries 2 through 13 as the over air channels did before going digital, which is why her set gets those FEW. You need to configure the tuner in HER set to be "cable ready" as opposed to "over... Read More »

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How to Properly Install a Cable Amplifier?

Long cable runs sometimes require additional amplification. Inserting a cable amplifier at the "head end" or the point of signal entry, can make the difference between sporadic Internet connectivi... Read More »

How to Properly Hook Up an Elite DVI-D to an HDMI Cable for a Computer Monitor to the Tower?

The Elite DVI-D to HDMI cable transforms the video from your tower so it can be displayed on an HDMI-enabled monitor. The cable features one DVI and one HDMI end, so you don't have to fumble around... Read More »

I am a cable guy and ought to know this but will a regular cable splitter work with an antenna?

Yes. Make sure it's good out to at least 800 MHz.

Does anything work properly straight out the box?

So I'm not the only one that happens to. Now when I buy white goods I always ask the shop how many they have in stock to cover the number of times I have to bring the item back. Brands that used to... Read More »