Why does my cable work properly with one TV, but not another?

Answer Cable carries 2 through 13 as the over air channels did before going digital, which is why her set gets those FEW. You need to configure the tuner in HER set to be "cable ready" as opposed to "over... Read More »

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Does Pinnacle TV work with cable?

Pinnacle TV works with cable programming, but only that which is unencrypted. The device allows for viewing of over-the-air digital TV signals, as well as unencrypted digital cable. Some cable prov... Read More »

Does TiVo work with any cable provider?

According to the TiVo homepage, TiVo works with all major cable providers. However, if you want to receive digital or high-definition channels, you will need to use one or two CableCARD decoders. I... Read More »

Does ZephIR work with a Motorola cable box?

The ZephIR Controller is an infrared transmitter that allows a home computer to automate various functions of the house such as house lights. The sensor can learn simple infrared commands, but cann... Read More »

What apps does the Apple Composite AV Cable work with?