Why does my butt hurt?

Answer its nice to ask questions on this site but sometimes you gotta be smart and go see a real doctor cuz how do you no if any of these answers are soooo surely rihgt

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Why does my butt hurt whenever i get up?

You may have a bruised tailbone or may have even cracked it. It it is actually to muscles in your butt then you may have just pulled a muscle of hamstring depending on how long you have been exper... Read More »

Does it really hurt to get a shot in your butt?

yeah, it probably does...but if you're not the one getting it why do you care?

Does it really hurt to get a shot in the butt?

Yes, it does hurt. But not as bad as getting shot in the arms or legs. More nerves there.

I have a hurt my butt while bike-riding, what do I do?

Get a moist heating pad and use that.It really helps a lot.Dry heat does not help but moist heat penetrates the skin and really feels good.My doctor told me this and I have found it to be true.I wa... Read More »