Why does my breathe always smell worst after i brush my teeth?

Answer Brushing too hard can make infected gum pus and that stuff stinks (literally and figuratively). Mmmmm...yummy. Try usimg an ADA recommended mouthwash like Listerine a couple times a day to help t... Read More »

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Why does my girlfriend always brush her teeth after she ?

Is diddles like ripple...?*confused again*Personally, I always brush my teeth after eating popcorn, eating chocolate, and giving oral sausage love, but that is just me...*cries*

Why does my breath smell bad, even after I brush my teeth?

There are many reasons for bad breath. It is an indication of a health issue and your body trying to tell you something.I used to have this problem and solved it through changing toothpaste, floss... Read More »

After I brush my teeth at night, I always eat after. Can I get cavities from doing this ?

yea.this is a good question actually. you are probably thinking why do we eat breakfast after brushing but the reverse at night.brushing before sleep at night is to remove food and dental plaque fr... Read More »

How to make your teeth white and breathe smell good?

Try some hydrogen peroxide on the teeth to whiten them.Quit using mouth wash. Brush your tongue well.