Why does my breath smell so bad, even after I brushed It like 5 minutes ago.?

Answer You might have chronic halitosis, which has many possible causes. Make sure you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth, and you can try using mouthwash after you brush your teeth. Keep your fl... Read More »

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Why does my breath smell bad, even after I brush my teeth?

There are many reasons for bad breath. It is an indication of a health issue and your body trying to tell you something.I used to have this problem and solved it through changing toothpaste, floss... Read More »

Why does my sisters breath smell like sweetcorn?

Your little sister is still a child and doesn't really care if she has bad breath or not, it's more important to her right now that she has friends and can play with them. In a couple of years when... Read More »

Why does your breath smell like cream corn?

Because you ate cream cornIv'e been with 50 plus girls/women before I was married at 21yrs old.That's 15 years old to 21 yrs old. Many of those women had breaths that smell like sweet corn includin... Read More »

Why does my dog smell, even after a bath?

Dogs have a distinctive smell that can be unpleasant to the human nose. Bathing usually helps remove the dog smell, but some dogs smell bad even after they have been bathed.InfectionA skin infectio... Read More »