At which month does your belly start to get harder and does it start getting bigger and harder under your belly button?

Answer Answer Hi,During your pregnancy your tummy usually becomes harder during the 3rd month of pregnancy but it can be earlier in some women if its their second pregnancy. If this is your second pregna... Read More »

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Why are the pains I keep getting in the bottom of my belly?

They do sound like period pains, go to the doctors just to make sure though :) x

My breasts keep getting caught on my belly button piercing; any advice?

I expect it's time for you to start walking around on your hands and knees. It will be that much more convenient for when I come over to the trailer! See you Sunday after church?

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?

Yes, it hurts but not for long, just make sure you keep it clean with peroxide and neosporin and turn it when you clean it to keep it from getting infected.

Why Does My Dog Keep Getting Diarrhea?

Diarrhea in dogs is a common condition. It varies in type and severity and has a number of causes, not all of them serious. While all serious cases should be examined by a veterinarian, mild and sh... Read More »