Why does my belly hurt once my period has finished ?

Answer Mild pain is normal in the period days and before after, since they are mild there is nothing to be worried about but if your cramps continue i would advise you to see a gynecologist for a check up... Read More »

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Can you be pregnant if you had your period and your breasts have been hurting on and off for a month and hurt even after your period?

Answerwell the answer is probably no but i know some people who have gone on to be pregnant with a regular period through out their term. but the only way to find out is to take a pregnancy test. a... Read More »

Unprotected sex several times just after a woman has finished her period whats the chances of pregnancy?

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?

Yes, it hurts but not for long, just make sure you keep it clean with peroxide and neosporin and turn it when you clean it to keep it from getting infected.

Does your belly button hurt when you are pregnant?