Why does my YouTube homepage look like this?

Answer You, or someone who uses the computer, probably installed (or searched) something from Swagbucks as that is the Swagbucks logo. If you're convinced you've uninstalled everything related to Swagbuck... Read More »

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Does this sound like a good idea to put on youtube?

Sorry, but to me this advocates the use of alcohol (or whatever the drink is) to escape the reality of life, and a 'cure all' for your problems, which would never be accepted by 'Advertising Standa... Read More »

Does this look like a dress?

it looks like it is a small kind of dress that you would wear leggings and flats with

Does this look like a bug bite?

They do look like bug bites to me, and they do look a bit like bed bug bites

Why does my screen look like this?

Change to a different resolution for the video card/chipset. Cannot guess more than that with so little information.