Why does my TV turn itself off?

Answer Perhaps your alter ego is doing it, Max!Just kidding! I had a brand new T.V, which in 8 months simply went off for good. I took it to where I had bought it and I was told, it had been a re-constru... Read More »

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Why does television turn itself off?

if it is a plasma the plasma tube is going out if its a normal or flatscreen have the bulb checked or changed

Why does a computer turn off by itself?

well it depends. Your computer might be on some energy saving program that after a while left untended it shall turn off such as energy star. Or if your computer is on the floor your foot may of hi... Read More »

Why does a television turn on by itself?

Answer It has a program on it, kind of like an alarm. Go to the settingsto fix it.

Why does my telly turn itself on every morning at 6am?

hit your menu button on the tv and cable box and look for alarm/wake up settings. it should be in same area as sleep timer