Why does my TV reek Anyone have the same problem?

Answer unplug tv service....RISK OF FIRE !

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Has anyone had this same problem on youtube?

Not quite yet. Thats strange, I wonder who has the power to censor what we watch from other countries?

Does anyone else have this problem?

It's a habit, like cigarettes. People who have quit smoking often will get a craving for a smoke when triggered by circumstances such as being in a bar with a drink, or talking on the telephone, or... Read More »

Does anyone have problem with facebook timing out?

Nopes. Try reloading. Check your internet connection and speed. Make sure you don't have any torrents running or any downloading taking place.

I can't get on youtue, anyone else having the same problem?

Yep the youtube is down and I get even view my videos on myspace man I better not lose all 100 videos I did I am going to be real made