Why does my TV randomly turn off ?

Answer Maybe you have ghost. They hate when you watch porn.

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My computer randomly shut down and turn back on?

I was all ready to blame the PSU - don't know the Acbel name, but if it's this one:…Then the claimed specifications are pretty decent.One very basic check,... Read More »

Brand new iPhone 5 died randomly and won't turn back on?

umm.. have you tried connecting it to power? do that first, the battery might just be dead. I've had experiences with new phones that came with only about 50% battery life, but I don't know about you.

If approaching car has turn signal on when you are stopped, do you turn or wait to see if the car will turn t?

You should wait and never assume anything while driving....

How to Hug People Randomly?

Hugs. Hugs, hugs, hugs. That simple and easy way to show someone how much we care about them. Often, people can feel lonely and disconnected from others. How can you help? Sometimes a friendly hug ... Read More »