Why does my PC suddenly switch itself off?

Answer if they get hot they switch off thats whats up

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Is it normal for ones laptop to switch itself off when one is in the middle of something in order to?

I've set mine so I get notification beforehand then install them when I'm ready.

Configuring updates... is normal for ones laptop just to switch itself off to do this when it wants to.?

Yes it does and should..When windows do the updates they don't take effect until the computer does a restart...................

Mouse moving by itself. I move it a little then it goes to the right by itself. Really annoying.?

Defective mouse. You have to change it. Moving fast can be changed in the setting, but moving by itself means there's something wrong with the sensor of your mouse already.

My phone has a switch "P/T" next to "ON/OFF" switch. What does it mean?

P/T, excatly what everyone said.Even if you have tone service, and want to hear the old clicking like with a rotary phone (p-pulse), it will still work.Not trying to repeat what everyone else said,... Read More »