Why does my Internet work on my iPad, but not on my computer?

Answer Make sure your computer is connected to your home network.

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Will internet explorer work with ipad 2?

No. There are currently no known viruses that affect the standard, non-jail broken iOS.

How to get Internet to work on computer?

If you want to use wifi to connect to the internet you must be near a hotspot.Most coffeeshops offer a free hotspot for their customers, for instance.Otherwise you need a router with wifi at home t... Read More »

Internet doesn't work on this new computer?

I can not answer your question with the severe limited amount of information you gave. Have you tried:1) restarting the computer2)turning on and off your wireless card3)if you use an ethernet cabl... Read More »

Do computer viruses need the internet to work?

Viruses do not internet to work, but the need a way into your computer (that may be internet or a disc or external drive).Some kinds of malware also need a way to send information (like key loggers... Read More »