Why does my Internet work on my iPad, but not on my computer?

Answer Make sure your computer is connected to your home network.

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Does the Aluratek Internet Radio Jukebox work on an Apple computer?

According to the Aluratek page, the Aluratek Internet Radio Jukebox, which gives you access to more than 13,000 radio stations from 150 countries, does not work with Apple systems. The jukebox is c... Read More »

Will internet explorer work with ipad 2?

No. There are currently no known viruses that affect the standard, non-jail broken iOS.

Your instructions to make folders is not working on the iPad I. It does work however on the iPad 2. What is wrong.?

you should get a $500 ipad 2 because than even though it is more money it is more advanced and would maybe last longer....that's my opinion!!

Does the iPad 1 otter box work with iPad 2?

You can email them to the iPad, or you can use the camera connection kit to connect your digital camera directly to the iPad through USB or by inserting an SD card into the dock connector adapter.