Why does my Internet automatically close and then restart?

Answer Need more details, dude. I doubt your INTERNET is closing and restarting. Do you mean your web browser? If so, what browser do you use?What are you doing when your "internet" closes and restarts?W... Read More »

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Why does my internet explorer closes whenever i open it then says that it needs to debug and close?

Download Adaware program, scan your computer, clean it.Adaware is free...If not, then reinstall Internet explorer.

PC Restart Automatically?

I assume you uninstalled your old graphics drivers for the onboard card. And then installed your new card and its drivers. If it still isn't working then your card might be bad.

Mobile restart automatically what is the solution?

The reason for restarting may be either virus or software update problem. Try updating your software. If your problem is not resolved then better go to service center.

How to Make Your Mac Restart Automatically if It Freezes in Mac Os X Lion?

Apple has changed the way applications function in OS X Lion, the latest upgrade to their OS X operating system for Mac. However, other than the over 250 new features, the OS also includes some gre... Read More »