Why does my Hughes Net Satellite internet at work go out on fridays?

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Can Hughes satellite Internet work in Jamaica?

Hughes satellite Internet, officially known as HughesNet, provides satellite Internet service for homes and businesses, but only in the 48 contiguous United States. Therefore, Hughes satellite Inte... Read More »

How to Share the Internet With Hughes Net Satellite?

HughesNet is an Internet service over satellite, unlike the traditional land-based internet provided by dial-up, DSL or cable. If your Internet connection coming into your home or business is throu... Read More »

Does ps3 work with satellite internet?

It's perfectly possible to use satellite Internet to connect to the PlayStation 3 network. Depending on your provider, however, the latency---how long it takes for data to travel from place to plac... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the LNB on a Hughes Satellite System?

Hughes provides satellite Internet service, but requires the system to be installed and serviced by professional technicians. You can use an LNB tester to test the output of the LNB and troubleshoo... Read More »