Why does my Google location keep changing?

Answer It might be that you are using a proxy.

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Why does my IP address keep changing?

Most Internet companies will give you a dynamic ip address. Meaning, it changes. A static address is often available at an extra charge. If you are trying to remotely access your pc you can setup a... Read More »

Why does my tv keep changing size?

Go in your menu and turn auto-aspect off.

Why does my font size keep changing?

You don't say which browser you're using. Does the font only shrink inside your browser or does it do it with other programs? Does it do it with Windows itself?If the font shrinks randomly with oth... Read More »

Why does the time keep changing on your iphone?

Well, if you mean like from 1:50 to 1:51, then that's because time changes in life. If you mean time changing drastically like an hour in a minute, then that may be because when the phone isn't co... Read More »