Why does my Ear still feel plugged?

Answer A Q-tip is fine as long as you don't dig it up your ear. Whenever I take a shower I use a q-tip in my ear lobe and slightly the inside of my ear. Over time if you keep sqirting warm water and perox... Read More »

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Does a lamp that is plugged in but not turned on still waste money and energy?

No, it doesn't because no energy is being expended, you don't have to pay for the plug sitting in the outlet, which is all that's going on.

Why Does The Radio Still Play Through The External Speaker When The Headphones Are Plugged In?

Maybe there's a setting that needs to be changed.

Does my phone charger still use electricity even if my phone is not plugged in?

Yes, your phone charger still uses electricity when it is not plugged into your phone. In most cases you will know your charger is draining electricity when it is not plugged into your phone becaus... Read More »

If you get your periods 10days late afterthat feel nausea headaches bloated stomach loss og appetite but still gain weight and now feel pain in your right leg does it mean you m pregnant or ovulating?

AnswerYou are definitely pregnant think about your period has not come yet and your gain weight and throwing up those are all symptoms of your being pregnant