Why does my CD player keep skipping?

Answer CD skipping is a common problem with music listeners. Using the necessary maintenance will help you keep your CD collection working and performing perfectly. CDs are slowly becoming memorabilia, so... Read More »

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Sometimes kids have what are called absence seizures. It's just a brief period where they fixate on one spot. A lot of people who have absence seizures get accused of day dreaming or just not payin... Read More »

If a CD is skipping will cleaning it help it?

Try the disc in another player if you have one..If its still doing it then its cream crackered D

How to Stop a Car Stereo from Skipping?

Listening to music while driving can be a great way to pass the time, but only if the music coming out of the car stereo isn't skipping every couple of seconds. There can be any number of reasons a... Read More »

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