Why does my CD player keep skipping?

Answer CD skipping is a common problem with music listeners. Using the necessary maintenance will help you keep your CD collection working and performing perfectly. CDs are slowly becoming memorabilia, so... Read More »

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Why does my VCR tape keep skipping throughout the first part of the video?

I am afraid that you will have to disassemble the VCR to clean the rollers properly. The skipping would seem like the tape is not being grabbed due to dust.Also, your VCR may be due for a replaceme... Read More »

Why does my song on iTunes and my iPod keep skipping halfway through?

Looks like it wasn't downloaded correctly.....the file is damaged

Why Does Media Player Keep Playing After I Close It?

Several issues can cause Windows Media Player to keep playing after closing the window. According to Windows Fix Up, background processes may inadvertently keep WMP open. Some software, such as Web... Read More »

Why does my samsung dvd player keep displaying protection then turns it self off?

That usually means that the unit has detected a problem in the amplifier section and is shutting down to prevent further damage. The first thing that I would check is all of the speaker wiring. C... Read More »