Why does my "Big-toe bone" hurt now?

Answer It could be just about anything. My niece is a Latin dance champion and she once fractured her toe while dancing. All she did was make a quick turn. Regardless, pain is never something you shou... Read More »

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Why does my tail bone hurt?

I may be way off base with this, but I had a friend who had a similar problem. They got the problem when they started lifting heavy weight. One time (and there wasn't any pain during the incident... Read More »

How much does a bone marrow donation hurt(conflicting answers)?

There are different kinds of donation- traditional bone marrow and peripheral stem cell. Neither one is going to hurt all that much.When someone is donating bone marrow, general anesthesia is typi... Read More »

I Think I hurt My Tail Bone... HELP!?

Doctor and then possibly they will do x-ray.

Can your hip bone hurt after the flu shot?

Typically, no. If you received the IM injection (flu shot/jab) in the muscle of the hip, you might have localized tenderness in the muscle tissue, but not in the bones.