Why does my Acer laptop's touchpad do this 10 points for best answer?

Answer Look at you! You didn't even know you had a multi-gesture touchpad!Yes, it will go backwards or forwards on your browser if you put two fingers on the screen and flick them left (to go back) or rig... Read More »

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Is there anyone who hav changed there laptops graphics card pleeeeeeeeeez answer my question 10 points best an?

No, you can't. You can't get the components. You will need to buy a new laptop, sorry. You can change it easily at all, as you need to dismantle the laptop and find another Gpu for the laptop. You ... Read More »

My laptops touchpad doesn't work?

Your best bet is to update your touchpad's driver. You can do this by clicking on your start button and typing "Device Manager" in the search field "On Windows XP you will have to click on "Run" t... Read More »

How do i activate the touchpad on my acer travelmate 8205?

Press the "FN" and "F7" keys simultaneously on your Acer TravelMate 8205 to activate the touchpad.Source:TravelMate 8200 Series User's Guide; p. 30

How to Use an Acer Aspire Multi-Gesture Touchpad?

Apple started adding multitouch capabilities to its laptops in the early 2000s. These laptops featured touchpads that could recognize two or more finger taps at once, allowing for easier manipulati... Read More »