Why does music have an effect on plants?

Answer No valid scientific evidence exists to show that music affects a plants growth. No repeatable and controlled experiments have been carried out by any competent and qualified person.

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Does water have effect on how plants grow?

Answer In a manner of speaking, yes, since it determines whether they grow. Answer Yes, it does have an effect on how plants grow. If you give a plant too much water, it may wilt and die. If you do... Read More »

What effect does lithium have on plants?

I am only surmising from the dictionary's definition of LITHIUM that it is probably one of the best, if not the best, rescuer of bad soil, meaning plant nutritional value is low, to the guardian of... Read More »

Music & Its Effect on Plants?

While no scientific study has explained any correlation between music and plants growth, several experiments have indicated that plants respond to musical stimuli. Different types of music appear t... Read More »

Does rap music have an effect on the memory?

On One Hand: Researchers Found No Neurological EffectsResearchers at the University of Miami studied the so-called "Mozart Effect," which proposes that classical music improves memory, by testing t... Read More »