Why Does Lichen Grow on Only One Side of the Tree?

Answer Lichens are the moss-like organisms that grow on the bark of trees. They capitalize on the warm, sunny situation that a tree trunk provides. Contrary to popular belief, lichen neither harms its h... Read More »

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When you grow an avocado tree do you put the pointed side of the pit or seed up or down?

To grow an avocado pit, put toothpicks around the pit and suspend it in a glass of water. Keep the bottom of the pit covered in water, and the pointed end goes up. The pit will sprout in less than ... Read More »

Tree Fungus and Moss?

Tree mosses and fungi are a common sight in nature and in the yard. Mosses are mostly harmless, relying on the tree solely for a place to anchor. They rarely harm the tree and are generally conside... Read More »

Irish Moss Side Effects?

Irish moss is known scientifically as Chondrus crispus. It is an evergreen ground cover that is also frequently called carrageen moss. Irish moss flourishes in rocky soil types. A type of seaweed, ... Read More »

Spanish Moss & Tree Relationships?

Spanish moss, a long silvery natural growth, drapes from oak trees and bald cypress trees around the world. Spanish moss is not actually a moss, but an angiosperm in the family Bromeliaceae. ... Read More »