Why does milk help u when u have eaten something spicy?

Answer The capsaicin (the 'hot' in hot peppers) is an oil in the pepper. Milk has butterfat, which is also an oil, in emulsion with water, allowing the hot capsaicin to be diluted. Since water and oil do... Read More »

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What have you eaten lately that burned your mouth it was so hot or spicy?

I had some spicy noodles at a vegetarian Thai place. They were so hot they made my stomach hurt after a few bites. Guess I couldn't handle the heat!

Has anyone eaten something that should never be eaten?

I had frogs legs once. hmmmm.. to be honest they were kinda oily and tough. Wouldn't have them again. Hey don't you think its strange how everything weird tastes like chicken LOLedit: Just th... Read More »

What is the best drink to have with a hot spicy curry (Water, Milk, Tea or Lager etc!!)?

Milk will disapate the burn, and any fruit juice, in a Indian restaurant, you cannot go wrong by ordering a Lassi, not the dog, but a fruit based yougart drink, it cools the spiceiness and does not... Read More »

Why do I feel sick when I have not eaten McDonald's but I feel better if I have eaten it?

Let's be scientific here-have you tried eating something healthier and still felt sick? Could be you're just hungry, so any food would do the trick.If not, then I would say that, much like an alcoh... Read More »