Why does microtrend want to update and scan every hour?

Answer Sounds like a bug is in the system but usually I recommend to turn off any automatic program updates and then just check manually on a regular basis. The main reason for this is many times a virus ... Read More »

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Why does Norton keep saying I have 2 risks in every scan?

Let me help you, Norton might be seemingly the best, but at certain important angle it is the worst! It'll reduce your available RAM for usage, will try bossing around which at times will be nervin... Read More »

Does your opinion of people go down when they update their Facebook status every 5 minutes?

I cannot say that it goes “down” but I do wonder why they are not at work, not educating themselves, not at a movie with their friends, not spending time with their family, not taking their dog... Read More »

Why do I pee every hour and eat a lot?

I doubt it. If you had type 1 which is juvenile diabetes your doctor would have detected it in lab work before now and it's not type 2 because you're not overweight. Most likely since you haven't s... Read More »

I have to pee every hour why is this?

You may have a urinary tract infection. You may need to see a doctor.