Why does mentos make coke explode?

Answer Take a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke, drop in a bunch of Mentos mint candies, and watch the bottle erupt. The key to this experiment lies in physics.CarbonationSoft drinks get their fizz from compres... Read More »

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Does Cherry Coke Make Mentos Fizz?

Once people have realized that adding Mentos to Diet Coke produces an amusing geyser of soda, the next task is always to figure out what other beverages will produce a similar reaction. ... Read More »

Does Sprite and Mentos explode?

Mentos and any corbonated beverage will fizz over, similar reaction to when a soda is opened after being shaken. More 'explosive' if cap is closed as soon as mentos have been inserted into beverage... Read More »

Why Does Soda Explode When You Add Mentos?

Watching Mentos chewy candies produce shooting geysers when placed into a bottle of soda makes for an educational science project. In addition to performing the demonstration, you can explain the s... Read More »

How do you make the soda and mentos project explode WITHOUT taking the cap off?

You can't. And if you happen to figure it out you will probably win a major science award. Explosions cause great force that cannot be contained.