Why does meat tastes so good?

Answer Gotta laugh at vegans who say meat isn't tasty by itself as if they are implying vegetables are absolutely delicious without any herbs/olive oil to crisp it in a wok/stock cubes/complete variety of... Read More »

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How can you not eat meat when it tastes so good?

It doesn't. The scent that slaughterhouses emanate is nothing I would describe as appetizing... My body is not a graveyard for the decomposing carcasses of disease-ridden animals. Is yours?

Does anyone know what goat meat tastes like?

Goats are related to sheep, so I will say it takes like sheep. Do you know what halal means? Halal is an Arabic term meaning permissble. Muslims are to slaughter their animals in a ceratin way i... Read More »

Does meat flavored sauce have meat in it if not then how do they achieve the meat flavor?

They would be some artificial flavours and could be anything, probably one of those additive numbersDune

Does substitute meat taste good?

Quorn is and example and tastes really good, some just tastes like the meat. Be careful when it comes to supermarkets own brands, they can taste truly disgusting.