Why does meat tastes so good?

Answer Gotta laugh at vegans who say meat isn't tasty by itself as if they are implying vegetables are absolutely delicious without any herbs/olive oil to crisp it in a wok/stock cubes/complete variety of... Read More »

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How can you not eat meat when it tastes so good?

It doesn't. The scent that slaughterhouses emanate is nothing I would describe as appetizing... My body is not a graveyard for the decomposing carcasses of disease-ridden animals. Is yours?

Does anyone know what goat meat tastes like?

Goats are related to sheep, so I will say it takes like sheep. Do you know what halal means? Halal is an Arabic term meaning permissble. Muslims are to slaughter their animals in a ceratin way i... Read More »

What is a lip balm that tastes really good?

Well, if you are interested in a minty flavor, original Blistex is great. If you are into a more fruity flavor, go for Lip Smackers. Yes, they are mainly for kids, but who's gonna know? They have l... Read More »

Do you REALLY think beer tastes good?

I love the taste of beer, To me it's a nectar....