Why does mcafee miss so much when it scans?

Answer You probably have McAfee anti-virus, which scans only for viruses and not spyware. It's the job of Spyware Doctor to pick up spyware. So, it's not McAfee's fault.:)

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McAfee "Installing McAfee Virusscan:Started" interferes with gaming?

Hi DarrylDe-activate McAffee when you run games. That is the worse software to run in any background and it's a memory hogger.

Does McAfee scan mean McAfee is looking at my files?

is looking for actually cant read a file,just now what the virus is.m

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Please help about ct scans'?

Mmm not sure what Bob B is going on about but take it from me who gets these scans very regular...they dont and cant burn...they are very simple and depending on the machiene can be a little noisy ... Read More »