Why does life seem low and i wished i was dead?

Answer get yourself along to an Anthony Robbins seminar asap or even just get one of his books off amazon online. it's worth every penny and I've seen some very disabled people make some big life changes ... Read More »

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I need help finding a song, for someone I hate and wished were dead?

Bodybag - Hit The LightsYou're All I Need - Motley Crue (It may seem 'sweet' but listen to the verses)

Why does toner always seem to just go dead on one part of the cartridge?

charcinders : He said "Toner" not ink, so wiping the "nozzles" can't work, toner carts DO NOT have nozzles, they have a developer roller if they are a "one piece" cartridge, or it'll feed into a de... Read More »

Why does HDTV seem to have more colour than real life?

Many HDTVs have a "vivid" setting in the video setup that makes the colors a little more saturated. Most stores seem to like to display them at that setting (and I think some ship that way from th... Read More »

How to Make Your Life Seem Awesome on Facebook?

Although Facebook allows old friends and colleagues to reconnect and stay in touch, it can often become a platform for bragging and self-promotion about just how far you've come since you last hobn... Read More »