Why does weighing 265 pounds instead of 180 pounds cause me to feel exhaust4d all day no matter how much I?

Answer Because you are carrying around extra weight

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If you are 12 years old and 120 pounds how long would you have to starve yourself to lose 15 pounds?

Answer It takes longer to lose weight if you weight uder 130lbs. you would probably have to starve yourself for more than a week to lose 15lbs. I found out myself and you won't feel healthy. You wi... Read More »

My daughter weighs 65 pounds ( about 4 stones 10 pounds) and she is 6. Should I be worried?

She is at a fine weight. Remember that she needs regular exercise and healthy meals in healthy portions. That is your job.

Why would a DE pool pump surge water at 7 pounds then slow down at 15 pounds?

Answer The ropes inside the filter have become blocked, not letting the clean water out at the desired rate of the out put of the pump.A: Firstly, the pool pump is not a DE pump. The pool pump is t... Read More »

How can you go from 116 pounds to 106 pounds for wrestling if you are 5'8'' and a 15-year-old male?

AnswerWhoa man that is crazy. I am 5'5 and weigh 110 and I am at the bottom of the weight limit. I think you should hang that up you are only 15 and your still growing. You would do serious harm to... Read More »