Why does it take so long for eyes to adjust to the dark?

Answer The human eye is a complex organ, full of many nerves and chemicals that work together to produce sight. The cells in the eye that react to light and send signals to the brain to create sight are c... Read More »

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How long does it take for your eyes to adjust to not wearing glasses?

If vision is getting worse than it sounds like you are trying to go cold turkey with lots of blur. The normal response to lots of blur is straining and squinting. Straining and squinting lead to mo... Read More »

Im trying to get colored contacts and my eyes are dark brown and i want them to be dark blue?

YO YO YO Girlfriend if you want to be stylin like 4 reels you needs to be checkin on this. bought a pair of these one year for halloween and I was hooked I now hav... Read More »

Do you think dark brown eyes and dark blonde hair is pretty?

Yes, It Does, I'm A Sucker For Brown Eyed Gilrs, So I Be You Look Really Really Pretty.

Tips on Dark Circles Under Eyes & Puffy Eyes?

Dark circles and puffy eyes can affect both men and women, however women tend to have more concerns with this problem. There are treatments to help rid yourself of dark circles and eye puffiness, i... Read More »