Why does it take several hours to upload videos to youtube?

Answer The problem is that your amateur home bestiality video was shot in too high a resolution. Either bring back the donkey and re-shoot the film with reduced resolution, or edit out some of the "story ... Read More »

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Is it normal for a youtube upload to take up to 5 hours?

I dont think it should take that long, no more than an hour!

Why does my laptop battery only last for one hour but take several hours to recharge?

battery is losing charge and needs to be replaced, mine hasn't gotten so bad that its not able to boot without being plugged into wall.

Does it cost money to upload long videos to YouTube?

No, but YouTube prefers that each video uploaded is 10 minutes max. It's possible to upload longer videos.

I want to do YouTube videos and have several questions about it (I'm new to all this)?

1) so... use a short tripod, like…A stack of books works, too.2) Since the Sony HDR-CX220 does not have a mic jack, there is no way to connect an external ... Read More »