Why does it seem that no one on here knows what wikipedia is?

Answer They know about it, but don't know how to use it well. Even after you get past the trust issues it can be hard to tease the exact information you need out of a Wikipedia article. Really the same si... Read More »

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Why does it seem that no one here has the slightest idea how to use a search engine?

Not everyone is very good at using a search engine. It does take a little bit of familiarity and skill to find what you're looking for. I've seen people type into a search engine something like: "W... Read More »

Do you ever feel on here that some of your 'contacts' aren't what they seem?

I have always had a great sixth sense where people are concerned...the Contacts I am close to (several of them I speak to on the phone and one of them I will be hanging out with this Summer on Kaua... Read More »

Is anybody here afraid of old porcelain dolls, that seem like they're looking at you?

I can trace this same feeling in me back to watching Rod Serling's Twilight Zone too late at night with a babysitter as a small child! Didn't that episode star Telly Sevalis?Oddly enough I think t... Read More »

Why do people seem to think that wikipedia is 100% correct?

Wikipedia really is too inaccurate and unreliable.First example, Wikipedia's one hundred articles about U.S. senators were once evaluated in a systematic fashion. It was found that these articles w... Read More »