Why does it seem almost ever kind of milk gives me gas!!!?

Answer Most ' all ' dairy products will do this to a person, but to some it almost seems chronic. If you're suffering real or to much distress you may want to change your eating habits. Try Soy Milk that ... Read More »

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I can almost do the splits, but I have like two inches left and I cant seem to go down any farther.?

You can achieve going down all the way by keeping your legs in shape. Keep stretching them out and doing the splints and soon enough you'll be able to do them all the way.

What cow milk gives you the most Calcium?

One cup of whole cow's milk gives you 33% of the recommended daily amount of calcium, while a cup of skim milk provides 50% of the RDA.

Why does it seem that the US is the only country that ever follows the Geneva Convention?

Several countries follow the Geneva Convention. Your perception that only one country does may stem from several possibilities; complete lack of education on the subject coupled with a mentality th... Read More »

What kind of food gives you lots of energy for breakfeast?

The ideal breakfast contains protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The problem with that bagel is that it's mostly refined carbs, with no fat and little protein.Although all food gives you energy, prote... Read More »