Why does it say "Video not found" on some gorillavid video?

Answer Well if you're watching a movie or series on the internet, odds are half of the time the videos are taken down because of copyright issues, so you'll need to keep on searching for other links.Cheers!

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When i download video from youtube downloader, it shows NO FLASH VIDEO FOUND plz help....?

well dear you can use this site to download youtube videos. no need to install any software. just copy the link of the youtube video you want to download and paste it in th... Read More »

How can i import a video that i found on youtube or some other website onto my powerpoint presentation?

.'. Download and install Internet Download manager.very easy to download ,one click download.

If UFO's do exist with the number of HD Video Cam's out there wouldn't some one have found one already?

UFOs do exist. It means Unidentified Flying Object. Once it's identified it ceases to be a UFO.

I need some video maker!i want to add music from my player to video :/?

Hi Martin: You need to give us a bit more information, like what kind of computer (Mac or PC, and which operating system version you run) you want your video editing software to run on. Macs come w... Read More »