Why does it mean when you have earphones made of rubber?

Answer me yeah that's right that is what I said

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Who made the earphones?

Answer It depends on the size of the photos. The 3.3 MP photos from MY camera typically takes a little over 1MB/photo, depending on content and background. Since 16 GB is roughly equivalent to 16,... Read More »

How were rubber bands made?

The Mayan people learned how to mix rubber tree sap with morning glory juice to make straps to hold tools together. These straps resembled our rubber bands of today.Early RubberSamuel Peal mixed r... Read More »

What are rubber stamps made from?

Most rubber stamps consist of two basic parts: the mount and the image. The mount is usually a square block of wood or plastic with a vertical handle stemming from the center, while the image is ma... Read More »

Why are tires made of rubber?

Rubber tires are a common sight on most wheeled vehicles today. While trains and tracked vehicles often omit rubber coverings on their wheels, free-driven craft benefit from the traction, flexibili... Read More »