Does it matter what ink cartridge i buy for my printer does it HAVE to be a certain brand, etc?

Answer oohh i have the same printer. and i use any brand rlly it doesnt matter but her let me tell u the color numbers. go to walgreens or where ever you go to buy the ink. for black ink its hp 94 and fo... Read More »

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Is it good or bad to wash your hair everyday or does it not matter And why if it does?

Don't wash your hair everyday, it can damage your hair, and you won't have the same natural hair later on when you really want them...Atleast, skip ONE DAY!Having Hair Problems??!?!?Check this ouT!... Read More »

Why does it matter to you!?

My feelings exactly. I'm not a big fan of the whole body piercing or tattoo fad, but if people don't like them...they should just not look. I have two small tattoos myself. They aren't very visible... Read More »

Does a GED really matter?

On One Hand: A GED Opens OpportunitiesHaving a General Education Development (GED) in lieu of a traditional high school Diploma provides the bearer with greater opportunities than what is available... Read More »

Does size really matter?

A larger dish provides a stronger signal from the satellite, especially during very bad weather, and it also means more stability and less interference from adjacent satellites. If bigger was not ... Read More »