How does the refrigerator make life easier?

Answer The refrigerator makes life easier because you can store food longer without it spoiling!

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Does anyone know how to make it easier to find a website on google search?

I would say use Yahoo's search engine it is much easier to work with!

How Does a Wheel & Axle Make Work Easier in Terms of Distance & Force?

A wheel and axle combined form a simple machine. The wheels are secured on either side of an axle, so an individual can drag heavy objects with greater ease. The machine makes work easier in terms ... Read More »

Does having perfect and/or relative pitch make it easier to learn instruments?

yes it can, especially for instruments such as violin or trombone were it is possible to play out of tune, not the piano as you cant play out of tune for it. it would help your tuning, since you ca... Read More »

How to Make Car Shopping Easier?

Car shopping can be an overwhelming experience, not just in choosing the right car for you, but also in the negotiations. However, you can make car shopping easier by performing some tasks before y... Read More »