Why does it hurt when women give birth?

Answer Because if the baby comes out of the vagina then the hole it come's out of get's bigger from the baby's head pushing it's way out. I havn't given birth but i heard its VERY painful!!

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Does it hurt when you give birth?

Most women do experience a lot of pain during childbirth.

Does it hurt when ladies give birth?

yes it does hurt but you can make it not hurt by having water birth

When women give birth why do most women?

BD M, You should realize that it hurts tremendously for the woman too. Can you imagine squeezing a watermelon through a pencil-sized hole? It's gonna hurt.Have you ever said something out of desp... Read More »

How bad does it hurt to give birth?

it really hurts.when the baby comes out it stings.the most part when it hurts is when the head and shoulders come out.the arms,legs,tummy,and the toes come out it does not hurt that much.i gave bir... Read More »