Why does it hurt when I poor peroxide in my ear?

Answer Peroxide is actually very harsh.It bleaches your fingertips just touching it.Not exactly the nicest substance for a sore or infected ear.I've used it when I had wax build up.. loved the feeling.It ... Read More »

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Does peroxide hurt tooth enamel?

yes hurts teeth but if don't believe try it I'm only 12years old

Does it hurt when the needle the doctors put into your wrist hurt?

No, it only hurts a bit for a second. Tell the person doing it you are worried and ask them to explain it all to you.It will be okay.

How does poor living lifestyle and poor diet cause cancer?

They don't.There are no foods proven to cause or contribute to cancer, or to affect its progress = the only certain diet-related cancer risk is a diet high in red and processed meat, which is a maj... Read More »

Why does hydogen peroxide bubble when it is pured on skin?

Hydrogen peroxide is water, with an extra oxygen atom: H2O2. That extra oxygen atom is very loosely bonded. Almost anything will knock it loose. Dirt or even salt in your sweat will liberate the... Read More »